Saraf Titanium Industry - (A Unit of Saraf Agencies Pvt. Ltd.)
Titanium Project

Saraf Titanium Industry a unit of Saraf Agencies Private Ltd, have established several industrial units within Saraf Titanium Park Chhatrapur Ganjam district, Odisha to manufacture various Titanium Products:

  • High Titanium Slag.
  • Titanium Dioxide Pigment
  • Ferro Titanium
  • Scandium Oxide
  • Rare Earths and Rare Metal Products
  • Power Plant
  • Auto clamp Aerated Cement Blocks(AAC-blocks)
  • Beach sands Minerals

  • Beach Sand Minerals

    Saraf Agencies have a plan to join hands with some State Body of Government of Odisha , to undertake and establish a mining and mineral separation plant for production of following minerals:

    (a) Ilmenite        :           3,00,000 ton/year
    (b) Rutile           :              10,000 ton/year
    (c) Zircon          :                 5,000 ton/year
    (d) Garnet       :                  8,000 ton/year

    High Titanium Slag

    4 x 6300 KVA smelting furnaces to produce 36,000 tons High Titanium Slag with +91% TiO2  content will be produced, to be used as feed stock for manufacture of Titanium Dioxide Pigment.

    Application of High Titanium Slag

    Titanium Slag is usually classified into two categories:

    1. Acid-soluble titanium slag with TiO2 content of 75%-85% which is used to produce titanium dioxide pigment with sulphate process.
    2. High titanium slag with TiO2 content of not less than 90% is normally used for production of titanium dioxide pigment with chloride process, titanium tetrachloride and titanium sponge.

    We have facilities to produce both varieties of slag i.e. acid-soluble and high titanium slag with +91% TiO2 content.

    Orissa ilmenite, due to gift of Nature, is comparatively free from impurities like Chromium and Vanadium and its particle size is eminently suitable for production of high titanium slag. We can supply titanium slag with titanium content ranging from 75% to 95%


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